Carpet steam cleaning is now a popular process because of its functionality, effectivity and budget-friendly. Steam cleaners are great ways to get rid of germs in a flash without using harmful chemicals. Before the year ends, we would like to show you the top 5 best steam cleaners that customers really love.  

Steam cleaners are the best way to eliminate the need for chemicals. So if you have kids and pets, steam cleaning is best for you to kill off fleas, germs and dust mites. So before you buy one in the market, take a look at this review. According to, the key to good carpet steam cleaning is a good machine. Read on.  

 Carpet Steam Cleaners

Karcher SC1 Steam Clean 

This steam cleaner has attachments and hose that help it to reach locations that are difficult to reach, as such corners and other awkward locations. It has steam mops that can get rid of tough stains and dirt on hard surfaces. Karcher SC1 is a small yet powerful steam cleaner if you want a well-constructed and flexible device to clean your carpet. The water can be heat up in 3 minutes, and its size is convenient to carry around the house. This is worth the price at £45.00.  

Bissel Steam Shot 

Bissell Steam Shot is small steam cleaner worth the price. You can clean areas that are difficult to access thanks to this little handheld device. It’s a great companion to steam mops for a more optimized cleaning. It also came with color-coded brushes, squeegee, and 0.36 liter tank. It will give you around 8 minutes of steam cleaning time. It can be bought at a competitive price of £39.99 and can be used for odd bits of cleaning.  

Vileda Steam Mop 

Vileda steam mop is a basic steam cleaner which makes your routine easy especially when you don’t want any unnecessary features that usually come with some of steam cleaners. It is easy to use and can clean really well. The water isn’t directly heated but the tank can be opened at any point. If you want a steam cleaner that’s easy to operate, this is a great choice for you. You can buy this at a reasonable price of £48.19.  

Bissell Vac and Steam 

This is an interesting steam cleaner that has a bagless cylinder vacuum which sucks up dirt while you’re cleaning. It’s a multi-functional cleaner that cleans off dirt that sometimes gets stuck at the vacuum brush. However, you can’t use this machine on carpets quite as easy. It is handy, so it’s a great choice. You can buy this at £149.99. 

Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus 

Vax Steam helps you fight off tough stains. This is great for cleaning carpet and hard floor. It has a lot of features and it’s a great choice for those who wat cheaper alternatives. You really won’t be disappointed with this cleaner at the price of £89.00.